Craftsmanship of European crystal chandeliers

We could tell the European crystal chandeliers from the following parts.
Check the exactness of the accessories, keep the position right, and the connection methods and length could be the similar.

Gas welding
Check the position of gas welding, if the burr is big, then the technology would be low, then it may crack if seriously, the good burr is very small, and the connections could be smooth and pretty without air hole. If that is like the ring, then we could not tell the condition after electroplating, the ring of crystal chandeliers could be connected with iron material, we all need the welding.

European crystal chandeliers

If the metal is equipped with obvious striped, then it could not with polishing, if they are blur, then the polishing technology is not complete, we could check the surface if it is smooth like the mirror, and the surface is not with stripes. Surface of the fixture is more smooth, then the polishing technology of the crystal chandeliers would be better. In otherwise, if the surface is more blur with stripes, then the polishing technology is worse.

Electroplated technology
Use the tape scratch the electroplated surface, in general white powder scraped is 24K gold, the position could not fade colors with scratch, that could not be seen after touching with hands, if the scraped powder could be orange and white, the position is silver, then that is electrophoresis gold, and if the scraped position is pale yellow, that could be other material.


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