Making technology of blue ceramic lamps

Blue c eramic lamps

Blue c eramic lamps are very beautiful, the clear appearance would attract much attention from others. Blue ceramic lamps would show the noble and elegant temperament. Ceramic lamps would be equipped with elegant appearance, its making technology would be complex.

First add the stones into the power, that could get rid of the advantage of the complex material. We could combine the power and water, we could get rid of the bubbles, then the technology would be finished.

Second pull off the appearance of ceramic lamps, after painting the surface, then we could burn the ceramic lamps. Then the complete ceramic lamps would be done.
Blue c eramic lamps
Third through the modern technology, we could install the lamps and press the metal structure and connect the wire, the stunning and clear blue ceramic lamps would be done.

Blue ceramic lamps would be the above we mentioned, if you like it, then you could make it yourself, we also could purchase the lamps online.


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